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My Gear

My current gear is as follows:

Sony Alpha1 Body

Sony 600f/4 (primary lens for birds)

Sony 1.4X (typically paired with my 600 f/4)

Sony 200-600 super tele

Black Rapid Sport Strap with Acratech Swift Clamp (quick release and secure)

Induro Stealth GIT304

Full Wimberly Gimbal

GODOX V860 II with or without GODOX  X Pro- N and with or without BetterBeamer 

What gear do I use on a day to day basis when shooting:

Since my primary focus is on birds, long lenses are a must.  I will typically use my camera body, one of the two above lenses , my teleconverter (on the 600) and my Black Rapid Strap.  I handhold 90% of the time even for flight.  I find tripods and monopods to be cumbersome and restricting.  With the new mirrorless systems and lenses, handholding is the way to go...for me.